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OWL Metabolomics joins Laboratorios Rubió in an exciting advance in the field of metabolomics

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Published on 14/06/2023
By OWL Metabolomics
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OWL Metabolomics is pleased to announce its recent incorporation into Rubió Group, an international pharmaceutical company. This strategic alliance aims to mark a significant milestone in the field of diagnostic technologies and R&D services in metabolomics.

Laboratorios Rubió has a solid and recognized track record in the pharmaceutical industry, with the acquisition of OWL Metabolomics it has expanded its presence in the field of metabolomics This collaboration will allow both companies to leverage their complementary strengths and insights, in their efforts to the advance of personalized medicine and promote innovation in disease diagnostics.

OWL Metabolomics: pioneer in Metabolomic Diagnostics and R&D Services

OWL Metabolomics, now part of the Rubió group, has been recognized for its expertise in developing pioneering diagnostic products and R&D services in metabolomics. This acquisition will enable the company to have the support and resources of Laboratorios Rubió to accelerate research and development of new solutions that improve people’s health and well-being.

The acquisition of OWL Metabolomics by Laboratorios Rubió demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to investing in cutting-edge research and development. Combining the experience of Laboratorios Rubió in the development of pharmacological treatments with the specialized knowledge of OWL Metabolomics in metabolomics, new opportunities will be opened for the discovery of biomarkers, the early diagnosis of diseases and the development of personalized therapies, and the development of R&D services in metabolomics.

About Laboratorios Rubió

Laboratorios Rubió is an international pharmaceutical company with 100% private capital founded in 1968. Initially, the company’s mission was to market drugs unavailable in Spain at that time as they were treatments for low-prevalence diseases. Over the years, Laboratorios Rubió has invested in R&D and developed more than a dozen drugs, many of which are cutting-edge treatments for specific diseases or disorders. The company also operates in other areas of healthcare, such as diagnostics and clinical nutrition. Also, it is known for its commitment to sustainable investment in R&D. Laboratorios Rubió has agreements with leading partners in more than 60 countries and has important international certifications such as the FDA.

About OWL Metabolomics

OWL Metabolomics, a Rubió Group company, is a pioneering biotechnology company that offers diagnostic tests with cutting-edge technologies, and R&D services to the scientific community and industry through metabolomics. The company is committed to advancing the field of diagnostic services and R&D through metabolomics, and is constantly developing new technologies to improve the quality of life of patients and contribute to scientific advances in the public and private sectors. OWL Metabolomics empowers patients to make informed decisions about their health by providing them with the information they need and helping healthcare professionals deliver personalized and effective treatments.

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