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Lipidomics-Platform 1

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Published on 12/06/2023
By OWL Metabolomics
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Lipids play essential roles in biological systems, such as forming cell membranes, providing a hydrophobic medium for membrane proteins, and participating in signal transduction pathways. This platform utilizes methanol extraction and the analysis is performed by UHPLC coupled to a Time-of-Flight (ToF) mass spectrometer, allowing the analysis of the following lipid species:

⦁ Fatty acyls: non esterified fatty acids, oxidised fatty acids, N-acyl ethanolamines and acylcarnitines.
⦁ Sterol lipids: bile acids and steroids.
⦁ Glycerophospholipids (lyso-forms): lysophosphatidylethanolamines, lysophosphatidylinositols, lysophosphatidylglycerols and lysophosphatidylcholines, including ether-linked species.
⦁ Free sphingoid bases.

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